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Custom Diamond Jewelry made for You by Payne's Custom Jewelry-14 karat gold USA flag pin with genuine diamonds, rubies and sapphires

Custom gemstone jewelry made according to your wishes


Custom sterling silver ring set with Australian opal by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Unique gold or silver custom rings that you design


Design Your Own Jewelry

Payne's Custom Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind pendants, bracelets or rings using your design ideas. Your piece can be manufactured using yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver. Any  gemstones you wish, including your own, can be used in your unique design.  Think of all the possibilities!

The pictures on this site are examples of work done by jewelry maker Tony Payne for his Internet customers.  Tony has been designing and making handcrafted jewelry for over 26 years. This includes 14 years of online sales to customers throughout the world.


Why purchase and wear custom jewelry?

A handmade gold ring or sterling silver pendant makes a bold fashion statement and sets the wearer apart from the crowd.  Unique artisan jewelry is the perfect gift because it always has special meaning to the person who receives and wears it.  A custom ring, bracelet or charm, that you design, is unique and there is nothing like it in the world.  Custom made jewelry is a gift that will last forever.

Email Tony Payne at with your custom jewelry ideas and he will give you a free price quote based on your design. If you would like to call Tony to discuss your jewelry design his number is 1 (601) 672-7955.  Please call between 9 AM and 5 PM CDT Monday through Saturday.

Custom Designed White Gold Bulldog Ring with Blue Diamond Eyes-Handcrafted Custom Animal Jewelry from Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom Animal Jewelry


Custom Christian Jewelry from Payne's Custom Jewelry-Unique Custom Made Sterling Silver Cross with Lapis Inlay Stones and Roman Coin

Custom Christian Jewelry

How Your Unique Custom Jewelry is Made

Tony works closely with you to make your jewelry design a reality. The piece is first hand carved in wax and then cast in either gold or sterling silver.  This ancient jewelry making process is called lost wax casting.  For more details about this process visit their  How custom jewelry is made page. To view a video of the wax carving process, used in lost wax casting, visit their YouTube page.

Price estimates for all projects are free. A sketch can be made of your unique piece for your approval. Tony will send you picture updates of the wax model carving as your piece is being created.  Some examples of what can be made include sports championship rings, company logo jewelry, diamond bridal jewelry, sterling silver rings, charms or pendants and unique custom class rings. You can have one-of-a-kind wedding jewelry created including diamond engagement rings and gold wedding bands. To see more pictures of Tony's finished handcrafted pieces, custom jewelry sketches and wax models, visit this Google+ page.



Genuine gemstones can be used in your custom made jewelry including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  Synthetic colored birthstones or Cubic Zirconia's can also be set in your unique ring, pendant, earrings or charm.  Tony's lapidary skills include creating designer cut gemstones for custom pieces made from fossilized dinosaur bone, Australian opal, Mexican fire agate, African pietersite or many other beautiful semiprecious gemstones. Your own gemstones can also be set in a custom pendant or ring that you have made.

If you would like multiple copies of your design a rubber mold is be made of the original after is it cast in metal.  This mold is used to manufacture any additional jewelry pieces.  The labor charge is much less for each additional copy than for your original ring, charm or pendant.

If you prefer a unique piece that is fabricated (made from parts and soldered), and not cast, they can also make it for you. You can view pictures of fabricated jewelry at their  Custom Fabricated Jewelry page. The finished pieces pictured there are examples of the beautiful jewelry that be created for you.

 Custom made diamond engagement ring in 14 karat yellow and white gold by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands


Custom Artisan Jewelry-Unique Thunderbird Pendant in 14 Karat Yellow Gold by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Handcrafted Gold Pendants or Charms


What Your Custom Made Jewelry Will Cost

The cost of your handcrafted piece depends on the complexity of the design, what precious metal is used and whether gemstones are included in the design. The labor charge to carve, cast and finish a simple custom ring begins at $250. The labor charge for a simple pendant design starts at $150. The labor charge for a unique sports championship or class ring with lettering, or a design, on top and both sides begins at $1,200.

The cost of the precious metal (gold or sterling silver) is based on the type used, its weight and current market conditions.  Your scrap gold can be used to make the unique piece or an allowance can be given for any that is not used.  The cost of any gemstones will depend on whether they are natural or synthetic, their size and quality.

Email jewelry designer and manufacturer Tony Payne at  with your custom jewelry ideas and he will give you a free price quote based on your unique design. Let him know in your email the design you want, which precious metal you prefer and what size your ring or pendant will be. Also include if there will be any gemstones in the piece.


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