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Unique Designer Cut Gemstones for Custom Jewelry


Designer cut dinosaur coprolite (poop) gemstone pendant and rough by Tony Payne

Fossilize dinosaur coprolite gemstone pendant and slabbed rough from Utah

Payne's Custom Jewelry specializes in making unique handmade jewelry using designer cut gemstones.  Handcrafted jewelry manufacturer and designer Tony Payne has been cutting gemstones for over 25 years.  His lapidary work, or stone cutting, includes gemstones like turquoise, Australian marra mamba tiger-eye, fossilized dinosaur bone from Utah, African pietersite, Mexican fire agate, Australian opal, black onyx and many other beautiful gemstones.  He also works with mastodon ivory either as inlay in rings and pendants or scrimshaw pieces.


If you have always wanted your own handmade jewelry using a designer cut gemstone, Tony can make it to your specifications. His custom jewelry prices quotes are free and are based on your jewelry needs.  E-mail him at with your custom jewelry ideas or questions.


Custom made designer cut fire agate gold pendant with round diamond by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Handmade designer cut fire agate pendant in 14 karat gold

Designer cut Australian tigereye gemstone

Designer cut Australian tiger-eye gemstone

Designer Cut Gemstones Set in Jewelry

Designer cut gemstones usually start out as a rough piece of rock.  This piece is then cut into slabs using a diamond blade saw.  The stone's outline is drawn on the slab and it is cut again to the basic shape of the gemstone. The rough shape is obtained using a grinding wheel and several sanding discs.  The stone is then polished to give it a mirror like surface.


Your designer cut gemstone can be used in almost any type of custom jewelry.  If you have a picture or sketch of a ring or pendant design you would like done, this will help in creating your unique piece of jewelry.  Tony can do sketches of your jewelry design for your approval.  During the custom jewelry creation process he will email you pictures of how your piece of custom gemstone jewelry is being made.  This service helps to ensure that you get a unique ring, pin or pendant to treasure for many years to come.

Designer cut fossilized dinosaur bone gemstones from Utah.

Fossilized dinosaur bone gemstones and pendant

Custom made pietersite pendant by custom jeweler Tony Payne

This custom made pietersite gemstone pendant in 10 karat yellow gold with orange spessartite garnets is for sale.


Payne's Custom Jewelry can cast or fabricate your custom design in either sterling silver, or yellow or white gold.  They can also provide diamonds and other faceted gemstones to used with your custom ring or pendant at a reasonable price.  The stones used can either be natural or synthetic.   

The Cost of Handmade Jewelry

The prices for handcrafted custom jewelry depends on the details of the design, what precious metal is used and which gemstones are included in the piece.  For a simple custom ring the labor charge to carve, cast and finish begins at $250.  The labor charge for a simple pendant starts at $150.  The labor charge for a custom championship or class ring with lettering or a design on the top and both sides begins at $1,200. 

The price of the precious metal will depend on the type of metal and its weight, as well as current market conditions.  The cost of any gemstones is based on the number, size, cut and grade of the stones used.

Email Tony at  and he will be glad to give you a free price quote based on your individual gemstone and custom jewelry needs.



Fossilized palm wood designer cab

Fossilized palm wood gemstone


Mexican fire agate gemstone

Round Mexican fire agate stone

Australian mook jasper designer gemstone

Australian mook jasper gemstone

Designer cut moss agate stone

Clear moss agate stone with black inclusions

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