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Custom designed sports championship ring by jewelry designer Tony Payne Payne's Custom Jewelry manufactures unique custom jewelry, including handmade class rings and sports championship rings, that you design. For a price quote email jewelry maker Tony Payne at with your design ideas. Tony will give you a free price quote based on your unique custom jewelry project. He can make a sketch of your handmade ring, pin or pendant for your approval.

The payment method for custom jewelry is 1/2 down after the design is finalized and the quote is accepted. The balance is paid upon completion of the project before it is shipped.  Price quotes on jewelry arefree and good for 30 days. Visa and MasterCard are accepted as payment through PayPal.Mailed personal checks or money orders can also be used as payment. All custom jewelry must be paid in full within 30 days after it is completed.Finished custom jewelry can be shipped to any address in the United States, or the rest ofthe world, if allowed by US law.


The cost of your unique jewelry will depend on the complexity of thedesign, it's metal weight and type and whether any gemstones areused in the custom ring or pendant. The labor charge to carve, cast and finish a simple custom made pendantstarts at $150.  The labor charge for a simple design custom ring begins at $250.  The laborcharge for a unique custom championship ring or custom class ring, with lettering or a design on the topand both sides, begins at $1,200.  These prices are for labor only and do not include the cost of the metal or any gemstones used.

All prices and custom jewelry estimates are in U.S. currency. After the down payment is made allow four to eight weeks for delivery, unless otherwise arranged.  There is a 7% sales tax applied to all orders shipped within Mississippi. Usual overnight postage and handling, with insurance, is $25 on orders shipped in the US.

For multiple pieces of your custom ring or pendant a rubber mold is made of the original after it is cast in sterling silver or gold. This rubber mold costs $100. The labor on each additional piece is much less than the labor cost of the original.

Tony does not make copies of  jewelry that others have manufactured. Your custom jewelry design must be unique. Email him at for a free price quote based on your custom jewelry ideas.

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