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Custom made arrowhead pendant in sterling silver by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom Made Arrowhead Pendant in Sterling Silver

Unique Custom Made Jewelry that You Design

Have you been searching for unique custom jewelry made from your own design? This is where your custom jewelry ideas can become a reality. Your handcrafted ring, bracelet or pendant can be made using either gold or sterling silver. Jewelry maker and designer Tony Payne has been manufacturing unique one-of-a-kind jewelry for over 25 years. This includes 16 years of custom jewelry Internet sales to customers worldwide.

All the jewelry pictured on this website was handmade by Tony for his Internet customers.  If you want a piece of unique custom jewelry he can make it to your specifications. Email him at with your jewelry questions or design ideas.  Please include what it is you want to have made, the metal to be used and the size it will be. All custom jewelry price quotes are free.

Custom Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Handcrafted Silver Logo Pendant

Sterling silver custom heart pendant by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Unique Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant


The Custom Jewelry Making Process

Handcrafted jewelry designs are usually drawn on paper and then a model is hand carved from special wax. This wax model is destroyed by extreme heat in the casting process. This ancient jewelry making process is called "lost wax casting". Their How Custom Jewelry is Made  page has a detailed discussion, with pictures, of this type of jewelry manufacturing. 

The jewelry maker carves each wax model individually, making the item as unique as the person receiving it.  Your custom jewelry will be handmade in the USA by expert craftsmen. Your custom jewelry will not be created using a computer program and CAD technology but will be hand made. 


Your custom jewelry can be almost any type of unique design including a ring, pendant, bracelet or pin.  A sketch of the piece can be made, for your approval, before any work begins.  During the process you will receive picture updates of your custom jewelry being made.  This personal service helps to ensure that you receive a very special piece of handmade jewelry that will be treasured for many years to come.

Custom redfish ring in gold with a blue stone by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom Gents Gold Redfish Ring with Blue Stone

Custom Sterling Silver and Diamond Initial Pin by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom Designed Silver Pin with four Diamonds

The Cost of Unique Custom Handmade Jewelry

The price for your handmade custom jewelry depends on the complexity of the design, what precious metal is used and whether gemstones are included.  For a simple custom ring the labor charge to carve, cast and finish begins at $250.  The cost of labor for a simple handmade pendant starts at $150.  The labor for a custom championship or class ring with lettering or a design on the top and both sides begins at $1,200.  

The price of the precious metal will depend on the type used and its weight, as well as current market conditions.  Your handmade pendant or ring can be cast in either sterling silver or gold.  Yellow or white gold can be used. Diamonds and other gemstones can also be set in your unique custom jewelry design. The stones can be either natural or synthetic. Email Tony at and he can give you a free price quote based on your individual custom jewelry needs. 

Handmade jewelry that you design by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Unique Handmade Horse Pendant made in Sterling Silver


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